First of the Month Random

*  The checkbook balanced.  But then, it usually does because I’m so awesome…and it used to be my job to take care of stuff like that.

*  Yesterday I remarked, to no one in particular, that the new washing machine was speedy.  Son observed “Well, it is a Speed Queen, Mom.”

*  Smarty Pants got in the Mom Mobile yesterday afternoon and informed me that his score on his English Quality Core test (not to be confused with the dreaded Common Core) was basically one of the best ones in the district and in the top two percent in the state.  THAT’S MY BOY.

*  Daughter’s cheer career may be curtailed.  It’s May 1 and no one knows anything about the upcoming season.  In all honesty I can’t say I’m surprised.  The organization seemed very unorganized, and hearing that just about all the cheer coaches stepped down for one reason or another is another non-shocker.  Daughter isn’t upset…she’ll still have gymnastics.

*  Yesterday I emailed a long time friend and fellow General Hospital fan to say that the female character they had dressed in a white coat must have been their sorry excuse for Olivia Pope (yes, the actress on GH is a woman of color).  GH didn’t even come close to the awesomeness that is Olivia Pope.


My friend replied that she didn’t know who Olivia Pope is but the actress on GH looked good.

Now granted, up until about a month ago I’d never watched Scandal but I at least knew who Olivia Pope was.  Thanks to the joys of Netflix I can re-watch all the episodes….that is, until Orange is the New Black starts back up on June 6.

But I love Scandal!  Seriously!


White hats!

*  After twenty years, why is all this stuff coming out about Kurt Cobain’s suicide?  Can we just let the man rest in peace?

Oddly enough, I do remember where I was when I heard the news.  I had just finished work and was in the process of taking out my first life insurance policy.  Ironic much?

*  There’s a reason why we didn’t see the War Doctor’s full regeneration to Nine.  I figured as much at the time.  Awesome fan video, though.

*  Finally, Happy Birthday Smokey!!


He loves the bathtub…but then, he does have Maine Coon in him so water isn’t that big a deal to him.

My MIL found him as a kitten last year when someone dumped him at the farm.  MIL thinks the mama cat must have been run over, and the vet said this wasn’t just some stray.  The vet also estimated that the first of May is roughly Smokey’s birth date…and although one of Husband’s nieces called the cat “Fluffy” we quickly changed it to something a bit more dignified.